Request Replacement Vote by Mail Ballot

If you have been issued a ballot by the County Clerk’s Office, and you need a replacement ballot, please fill out a Replacement Ballot Request Form.

If an authorized messenger will be used to pick up your replacement ballot for you, you must designate that person as your authorized messenger on the replacement ballot request form. This messenger shall be a family member or a registered voter of Monmouth County.  The messenger cannot be a candidate in this election or serve as a messenger for more than THREE voters in this election, except that an authorized messenger may serve as such for up to five qualified voters in an election if those voters are immediate family members residing in the same household as the messenger.

Common reasons to request a replacement ballot are:

  • You never received your ballot
  • Your ballot is ripped, torn or damaged
  • Your ballot was not voted correctly
  • Your ballot was misplaced

Requests for replacement ballots can be sent by mail to:

Christine Giordano Hanlon
Monmouth County Clerk of Elections
300 Halls Mill Road
Freehold, New Jersey 07728

Or emailed to