How to Vote by Mail for the Primary Election
Check out our tutorial of how to Vote by Mail for the 2021 Primary Election.
2021 Primary Election Overview
Clerk Hanlon explains that the June 8, 2021 election will be conducted in the normal course, per State law.


How to Vote by Mail in Monmouth County
The County Clerk's Office provides a tutorial video explaining the vote by mail process for this year's election.
General Election Q&A Session
Host Cynthia Scott sits down with Clerk Hanlon to explain this year's unprecedented election process.
NJ: Questions about your Voter Signature?
NJ Secretary of State Tahesha Way explains the importance of your voter signature when voting by mail.
Nueva Jersey: Preguntas sobre su firma?
La Secretaria de Estado Tahesha Way explica la importancia de su firma de votante cuando vota por correo.
How to Update your Voter Signature
Clerk Hanlon advises voters that they can update their voter signature by completing the NJ Voter Registration Form.
General Election Process Overview
Clerk Hanlon explains the major changes to the November General Election, per State mandate.
How to Vote by Mail in New Jersey
The NJ Division of Elections provides a step-by-step vote by mail guide to make sure your vote counts.
Nueva Jersey: Como Votar por Correo
La División de Elecciones de Nueva Jersey ofrece un tutorial de votación por correo sobre cómo asegurarse de que su voto cuente.
2020 General Election State Mandate
Clerk Hanlon explains that the General Election will be conducted primarily by mail in ballots.
Celebrating 19th Amendment Centennial
Clerk Hanlon discusses the women's suffrage movement and its historic ties to Monmouth County, NJ.
Q&A w/ Rutgers’s Center for Youth Political Participation
Clerk Hanlon participates in a Q&A Session about the upcoming July 7 Primary Election process.
2020 Primary Election Process Explained
Clerk Hanlon provides the key major changes to the 2020 Primary Election, per State mandate.
WOBM News: Primary Election
Clerk Hanlon explains how the County is preparing for the unprecedented 2020 Primary Election.
Fundamentals of Voting in Monmouth County
For the 2020 Law Day Symposium, Clerk Hanlon explains the elections process in Monmouth County, NJ.
Vote at Home, Vote by Mail
Due to the Primary Election changes, Clerk Hanlon advises how voters in Monmouth County can vote by mail.
2020 Primary Election Postponed
Clerk Hanlon advises residents that the Primary Election has been moved to July, per the Governor.
Primary Election Press Conference
Clerk Hanlon advises residents that the Governor has postponed the Primary Election, due to the pandemic.
Pink Tea Event, 19th Amendment Centennial
Clerk Hanlon hosts a Pink Tea for women elected officials and the League of Women Voters.
Comcast: 19th Amendment Centennial Program
Clerk Hanlon updates Host Jill Horner of new additions to our Centennial Recognition Program.



From the Freehold Township Mayor's Desk Show
Clerk Hanlon discusses the Vote by Mail process with Host Freehold Township Mayor Barbara McMorrow.
Comcast: 19th Amendment Centennial Program
Clerk Hanlon sits down with Jill Horner to explain what our Centennial Recognition Program entails.
How to Vote by Mail in Monmouth County
Learn about the Vote by Mail process in Monmouth County through this video tutorial.



Calling for Poll Workers
The Monmouth County Board of Elections is seeking poll workers. Learn more!
Monmouth in Focus: Voting by Mail
Clerk Hanlon explains recent legislation that changed the Vote by Mail process.
2018 First Place Video Contest Winner
Joseph Occhipinti, Sierra Ortiz & Nina Gomez, Long Branch High School, remember to vote!
2018 Second Place Video Contest Winner
Maggie Watson & Natalie Finn, Red Bank Regional High School, and friends stand up and V-O-T-E!
2018 Third Place Video Contest Winner
Kerry Harper, Henry Hudson Regional School reminds her peers how easy it is to register to vote.
Women's History Month
Clerk Hanlon shares her experiences, inspirations and insights for Women's History Month.



Fundamentals of Voting
Clerk Hanlon speaks about her initiatives to educate young adults about the fundamentals of voting.
Monmouth County Votes App Commercial
Promotional video for our new Monmouth County Votes mobile app.



How to Register to Vote in Monmouth County
On Monmouth in Focus, Clerk Hanlon discusses the voter registration process in Monmouth County.
Register to Vote
Clerk Hanlon reminds voters to get out to the polls! Visit for information.
Anyone Can Vote by Mail
You don't have to be ill or otherwise unavailable to Vote by Mail. Learn more about the process.



County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon
Clerk Hanlon introduces herself and explains the duties of the Monmouth County Clerk.